Tesla Solar PCU

As a innovative and emerging global specialist for photovoltaic system technology, ILLUMINE ENERGY has developed its own solar inverter in our brand name “TESLA”. A TESLA solar inverter, or PV inverter, converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a photo voltaic (PV) solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current (AC) that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local,off grid electrical network. It is a critical component in a photovoltaic system , allowing the use of ordinary commercial appliances. Solar inverters have special functions adapted for use with photovoltaic arrays, including MPPT Charger and anti islanding protection.


Solar inverters may be classified into two broad types:

Stand-alone (off grid) inverters:

Stand-alone inverters use solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity. A system is made up of one or more solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, a DC/AC power converter (also known as an inverter), a racking system that holds the solar panels, electrical interconnections, and mounting for other components. The type of solar battery charger used can be either zero drop or PWM or MPPT.

A small stand alone system may provide energy to a single consumer, or to an isolated device like a lamp or a weather instrument. Large grid-connected PV systems can provide the energy needed by many customers.

Grid-tie inverter (GTI)

A grid-tie inverter (GTI) or synchronous inverter is a special type of power inverter that converts direct current(DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) and feeds it into an existing electrical grid. GTIs are often used to convert direct current produced by many renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or small wind turbines, into the alternating current used to power homes and businesses. The technical name for a grid-tie inverter is “grid-interactive inverter”. Grid-interactive inverters typically cannot be used in standalone applications where utility power is not available. During a period of overproduction from the generating source, power is routed into the power grid, thereby being sold to the local power company. During insufficient power production, it allows for power to be purchased from the power company.

Maximum power point tracking

The modern Solar inverters use maximum power point tracking (MPPT) to get the maximum possible power from the PV array. Solar cells have a complex relationship between solar irradiation, temperature and total resistance that produces a non-linear output efficiency known as the I-V curve. It is the purpose of the MPPT system to sample the output of the cells and determine a resistance (load) to obtain maximum power for any given environmental conditions.

Priority switch provided in Tesla solar inverters

When the solar power is available, battery will be charged through solar panel only. When battery voltage is too low and solar power is unavailable, then priority switch can be used to charge the batteries from mains power.

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