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Do you love technology??? Are you passionate about technology and need a drive for technical excellence??? Then ILLUMINE got solutions for you. ILLUMINE Engineering solutions, parent company of ILLUMINE Energy provides solutions for various complex and discrete engineering stubborn. We undertake Industrial Projects, Engineering Contract works, Sub Contract Works and combined solution for different engineering issues. Our R&D department provides consultation and solutions for all engineering problems.

Mono-crystalline Solar Panels

• Easy to install module with long-term warranty
• 15% higher output compared to any other thin film module for a given area
• Minimal losses due to shading and module mismatches.

Comparison of Mono-crystalline panels with other types:



• Next generation advanced power management systems.
• Produces true sine-wave AC electricity for stand-alone and back-up power needs
• Parallel series and 3 phase stacking capabilities
• Three phase configuration – option
• Network communication
• High surge power

MPPT Charge Controller

• Industry leading maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controllers
• Advanced continuous
• Increases renewable energy yield by up to 30
• Allows higher input voltage up to 120V DC for a balance system voltage of 24, 48, or 60 Volts
• Reduction in cable cost and losses

OFF GRID Solar Power Project Functional Diagram


ON GRID Solar Distribution Visualisation