Off-Grid Solar System in kochi

When it comes to solar panels, people often think about the roof. What most people do not realize is that there are actually multiple locations for installing solar panel systems. Location, building type, and space are important factors in determining the most suitable location for you. Whether it is your family home or workplace office building, it is important to consider all of your options.
Here are two places to install your solar panels:

Roofs are the most common place to install solar panels. To get the most out of your solar panel, you need to install it wherever it gets maximum sunlight. That is why solar panels on the roof are so popular. It is best to have your roof facing south to receive direct sunlight throughout the day. However, east and west facing roofs can save money and reduce electricity bills. Large rectangular roofs are optimal and easy to install. Before installing, make sure there are no large trees, buildings or tall objects blocking your roof - shaded roofs will not give you the energy you need.

Ground solar panels are just as easy to install as roof top solar panels. Generally, if you are on a per-watt basis, ground mounted solar panels will be the same price of roofing solar panels. When installing a solar panel, direct sunlight is the most important thing. This means that you want your panels to normally facing south and angled toward the sun. Placing your panels on the roof creates limitations - you may not be able to adjust the panels in any direction or angle after installation. Most roofs have barriers such as chimneys or skylights, which are sometimes a good alternative to ground solar panels. One of the main advantages of ground solar panels is space. If your residential or commercial building needs a lot of electricity, sometimes the roof may not be large enough. Ground solar panels allow you to use your lawn or even parking space to create enough space to generate the energy you need.

Rooftop and floor are the best options for installing solar panels. However, there are several factors in choosing the right place. Your neighbor may benefit from a solar panel on the roof, and you may be more interested in ground installation. We have engineers who make plans to ensure the correct positioning of the solar panels in your home while giving the highest possible results.

Optimize Power Consumption
You can optimize your energy consumption in your home. Technology is growing and many new products are coming in the market. You can use automatic home appliances, such as Sensor LED Bulb, Automatic Press, Water Tank Filling Alarm, Automic Ceiling fans, etc.
When people pay their electricity bills, internet bills, gas bills, TV recharge bills, rental bills, etc., they often think, can we save this amount? People who pay high rent have the opportunity to buy a home. Similarly, people with high electricity bills can switch to solar. They have the opportunity to save a lot of time on electricity bills and install a solar power system.. With this technique, you can save 50% -80% of your electricity bill every month.