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On Grid, Off Grid &
Hybrid Solar Installations

On Grid/Grid Tie solar power project are connected to the public electricity grid(KSEB) and do not require battery storage. Any solar power that we generate from an on-grid system during daytime (which is not used directly in your home) is exported onto the electricity grid(KSEB) and we can utilize the exported power during night.

When the electricity grid is unavailable or not dependable or too expensive to bring in to your home, an Off-Grid System can help you. It allows us to store our solar power in batteries for use when the grid goes down. Off-grid systems are most suitable in remote locations devoid of utility service.

Solar Panel Price in Kerala


We understand the value of a diverse architecture across the world and therefore, we customize and integrate 100% tailored to our client's design intent.

5 years of free maintenance and PMS services

Free PMS in every three months, giving customer's complete panel, inverter and accessories performance status plus Daily online monitoring services.

Return of investment within 3-5 years

Suitable for residential customers with 3500-10,000 rupees electricity bill and commercial customers with 5000 and above electricity bill.


Illumine Energy undertakes designing, engineering, product procurement, documentation, installation and maintenace of power plants. Unlike product sales, company is unique in focusing project sales, by Energy Auditing, Turn Key Solutions and Helping Customer to do Profitable Investments. We operate in both the centralized energy market and the evolving distributed energy market around the India and UAE. ILLUMINE is investing in new technologies and product offerings from the advantageous position of pure solar economics.

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Solar Companies in Kerala

Envirodesigns-Eco Tower

Our Mission was to clear the issues with KSEB and implement a reliable On Grid solution at the available space considering maximum utility.

Team ILLUMINE implemented a 20 kWpOn grid project using Canadian Solar Modules and SMA Germany Inverters. The system produces 105 Units of electricity per day and covers almost 75% of the power requirements. And saves 40 tons of Co2 emission into atmosphere.

Mr. K L Antony

MD, Envirodesigns-Eco Tower

Solar Energy Company Kerala

Puravankara Builders

PURAVANKARA under the leadership of Mr.RAVI PURAVANKARA is one of the largest builder in INDIA. With construction spread over Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu .

On the mission of Green building and LEED Certifications they chose ILLUMINE as their strategic partners for Solar Power Solutions. 31 kWpSolar OFF Grid project was commissioned in 2013. This is second largest successful Off-Grid project built in Kerala, making us the longest tenured private


MD, Puravankara Builders

Solar Panel Installation Services in Ernakulam

ABAD Fisheries

Abad Fisheries is one of the largest processors of quality quick frozen seafood in India with 11 accredited and certified factories PAN India.

ILLUMINE carried out an energy audit at site and implemented energy efficient measures, designed and implemented a 100kWp Solar Grid Tie Project. The project is capable of supporting Deep freezers and covers 95% of there load requirements.

Mr. Anwar Hashim

MD, ABAD Fisheries