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Solar panel for new construction home

If you are a builder or homeowner, are you thinking about installing solar panels for your new construction home?

Solar Panel Subsidy In India

When discussing solar energy, we think about the pricing of the solar system and the subsidy scheme for solar panels.

How To Buy Solar Panel On Loan

Everyone knows how to buy commercial products with EMI / loan. But do you know how to buy a solar system on loan?

How Do Solar Panel Works

Solar PV panels consist of several small photovoltaic cells - photovoltaic, which can convert sunlight into electricity.

Are You Planning To Buy Solar Inverter

Solar inverters are one of the key components of the solar system, converting direct current (DC) from solar panels to alternating current

Can Solar Panels Use To Charge An Electric Car?

Can I charge my electric car with solar panels? The simple answer is yes, a solar installation will charge your electric car just like any other home appliance.

Which Is The Right Time To Install A Solar Panel?

What is the right time / season to set up a solar system? This is the most relevant question to hear from potential buyers.

How Many Solar Panel Do I Need To Run An Ac

If you want to run your AC through solar panels instead of electric grid power, you are pursuing a more sustainable future.

Adding Solar Panels to existing Inverter?

It is possible to add solar panels to existing backup inverters. Here the major thing to understand is, adding a single panel won’t help to reduce the electricity bill to great extent.

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last?

Solar Batteries used in both OFF Grid and Hybrid Solar installations are of C10 category. C10 batteries are meant for fast discharge.

Can You Add Batteries to Your Existing Solar System?

Adding batteries to solar project depends on the type of existing solar installation. If the existing project is OFF Grid, we can add additional batteries depending on the Inverter

How Does a Solar Panel Produce Energy?

Solar Panels works on the principal photo voltaic effect. Here when sunlight falls on semi-conductor materials, electrons a gets excited and it moves from valance band to conduction band.

Off-Grid Solar System in Kerala

In off grid solar system, power generated from solar panels gets stored in the batteries during day time. This stored energy is used during night to power electrical load

On-Grid Solar System in Kerala

On Grid Solar System are those in which excess power generated during day time gets exported to KSEB/EB and during night time this exported power can be used back by the customer.

The Difference Between Off-Grid and On-Grid Solar Energy

Off Grid Projects requires battery replacement after 5 Years. No such cost involved in ON Grid projects as it don’t use batteries.


Solar electricity is easy and safe to harvest from SUN. Kerala receives an annual average solar insolation of over 5.5 KWh/sq.m/day. With energy demand higher than the state’s power generation capacity, solar energy & solar panels in Kerala are of great importance.


Solar panel requirement in Kochi is increasing. Within the last few years, Kochi has become the solar energy capital of the state. Solar panel price in Kochi is the lowest when compared with the solar panel price of any other district in Kerala.


Self-sustainability is of great importance in this busy economy. Generating our own electricity is a major step in this. Since the energy has to be sustainable, renewable energy is the solution.