The Difference Between Off-Grid and On-Grid Solar Energy

Off-Grid and On-Grid Solar system

Major difference between solar OFF Grid Project and Solar On Grid Projects are following

  • OFF Grid projects uses batteries to store energy. Whereas ON Grid Projects don’t use batteries.
  • On Grid Projects exports excess power to KSEB/ GRID. Whereas OFF Grid Project don’t export power to GRID
  • Load/Electrical equipment’s connected to OFF Grid Project is depended on Inverter capacity. There is no such limit for connecting load to On Grid Projects
  • Off Grid Projects can be used to support load during power failure conditions. No such facility with On grid projects, since they don’t use batteries.
  • Stable Power Supply is assured with off grid projects. Power output of On Grid Project depends on Grid Voltage, as it synchronizes automatically with GRID voltage at particular set voltage window.
  • Off Grid Projects requires battery replacement after 5 Years. No such cost involved in ON Grid projects as it don’t use batteries.
  • On Grid Solar project are 10% more efficient when compared to Off Grid Solar projects. Since Off grid projects require to solar power to batteries at first and utilize, there will be energy loss involved.
  • Online Monitoring facility is available with most of On Grid Projects. Off Grid Projects don’t come with standard monitoring facility, will have to depend on third party hardware’s and software’s.
  • OFF Grid Projects are little expensive when compared with On grid projects

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