On-Grid Solar System in Kerala

On-Grid Solar System in kochi

On Grid Solar System are those in which excess power generated during day time gets exported to KSEB/EB and during night time this exported power can be used back by the customer. Here during day time solar power generated is first gets utilized in the home/building/industry. When there is excess power after meeting the real time load, solar power gets exported to KSEB.

This exported solar power will be measured by a bidirectional energy meter fitted by KSEB/EB dept at customer premises. During night when there is no solar power, customer can utilize/import

KSEB power, which also gets noted in the bidirectional energy meter. At end of month customer electricity bill is calculated measuring the solar export and kseb import.

If solar export is same as kseb import, then energy bill will be zero.

If kseb import is slightly higher than solar export, then customer will have to pay energy charge for the additional consumed kseb units. If solar export is higher than kseb import, then customer will have to pay zero bill. In addition to this the excess export will be carry forward to next month bill cycle. For which customer will get payback during year end.

Solar Grid Tie project is suitable for customers

  • Who want to reduce electricity bill to zero
  • Normal backup inverter is enough for power failures
  • Don’t to reinvest in solar project
  • Area having stable power supply most of time

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