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In an On-grid solar power generation system, solar projects are connected to the utility power grid( KSEB/BESCOM). The DC electricity produced by the solar panels are converted into AC power by Grid Tie or ON Grid Inverter, which is connected and synchronised to the utility power grid (KSEB/BESCOM).

How to choose an On Grid project depending on customer need ?

On grid systems are more suitable for residential or commercial customers who are looking to reduce or avoid electricity bills and who already have backup inverter or generators to meet power failures.

On grid installation maintenance and future expenses

During daytime when solar electricity is generated On Grid Installation requires less or zero maintenance. Here proper project monitoring and checking and assuring the safety of electrical components are only required. A neatly installed on grid project with proper periodic checkup will run 10-20 years without much cost and zero replacements or additions. Customer will gets its return on investment in 4-6 years for an on grid installation.

Drawbacks of On grid or Grid-tie installations

On grid installation works only for bill reduction. If you need power backup, then on grid is not a right solution. For on grid installations, customer will have to plan separate inverter backup or diesel generator to meet backup.


Net-metering is done for all residential installations. For commercial and industrial installation below 1MW or 1000 kW, net metering is applicable. In net metering billing process, from the bidirectional energy meter, grid authority (KSEB/BESCOM) will be taking readings on a monthly basis to understand the total solar power exported and total grid power imported or consumed. After taking readings these will be adjusted. If imported grid power is higher than exported solar power, customers will have to pay energy charges for the consumed additional units to Grid KSEB/BESCOM. if exported solar power is higher than imported grid power, then Grid authority(KSEB/BESCOM) will adjust in bill or bank the additional units which customer can utilize in months ahead. Also customer can adjust the additional solar energy exported in any other consumer connection under same Utility Grid (KSEB), of the same customer (Wheeling Process).


Gross-metering is done for utility scale installations above 1MW or 1000 kW, those installations in which solar power plant will be setup on land or larger area. And power from these plants will be fed to utility substation/client substation feeder. Here the solar units exported to grid will noted by bidirectional meter and it will be given a unit rate. This unit rate will be less when compared with charges for unit when customer has to pay while taking electricity from grid. For example if a customer exports 1000 units and consumes 1000 units, here for exports customer gets 5000Rs – whereas for imported 1000 units. He might be charged 7,000Rs, so there will be always a difference which customer will have to pay to grid. In this type cases, customer will have to generate additional 20-30% of customer actual power consumption to achieve net zero billing.

Rooftop Solar Power Systems Cochin Best Solar Systems Cochin, Kerala

Permission and procedures for installation On grid or grid tie solar project

For On Grid Installations, we need to take permission of Local Grid(KSEB/BESCOM) as we are feeding power to Grid.

  • Solar Feasibility is the basic step which we need to do for on grid installation. We will be approaching KSEB / concerned utility dept and giving application for solar feasibility. For which they will give the report within 7 days of application.
  • After we receive feasibility report from concerned utility dept, we need to undergo a registration process. In which we will have to upload to give details regarding the project, products, make, type of roof, time period expecting to complete the installation etc. Also will have to make a security deposit depending on the kW of installation.
  • On completing the registration process we can do installation.
  • Utility Grid inspection, after completing the installation grid utility dept will be making site inspections. Checking all the safety parameters of the project. Once we pass the inspection, they will allow net-metering for the project.
  • In the net-metering process, grid authorities will be coming and changing the existing energy meter with bidirectional energy meter.
  • Solar Panel Price in Kerala

    Mono Perc Solar panels with halfcut cells

    Mono Perc Solar panels with halfcut cells– are widely used high efficiency solar panels in the market now. PERC technology means passivated emitter and rear collector, which allow solar panel cells to utilise more of incident sunlight by transmitting energy to cells back layer. With PERC technology, cell efficiency have reached up to 21%. Solar Panel wattage ranging from 450Wp – 650Wp are currently available in market within efficiency range of 21%. Few top solar panels in india are Premier Energies, Adani Solar, Vikram Solar, Axitec Solar from Indian panels and SUNPOWER, Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, REC Solar, JA Solar etc in imported category.

    HJT – hetro junction solar panels

    These are mono crystalline halfcut solar panels with Thin Film solar coating, forming advanced semiconductor junction. The benefit of these junctions are it contains more electron hole pairs, thereby allowing more electricity flow even in low sunlight.

    Best On Grid Solar Inverters

    Best On Grid Solar Inverters are those with higher efficiency and reliable service support. Most of solar inverter manufacturers offers 7-25 years warranty. Apart from product brand name a reliable service network and decent product replacement policies are to be taken care while selecting a solar inverter. Some of the most reliable solar inverters in Indian market are Fronius, Growatt, Enphase, Fimer, Studer, SMA, Sungrow etc

    Solar Companies in Kerala

    Envirodesigns-Eco Tower

    Our Mission was to clear the issues with KSEB and implement a reliable On Grid solution at the available space considering maximum utility.

    Team ILLUMINE implemented a 20 kWpOn grid project using Canadian Solar Modules and SMA Germany Inverters. The system produces 105 Units of electricity per day and covers almost 75% of the power requirements. And saves 40 tons of Co2 emission into atmosphere.

    Mr. K L Antony

    MD, Envirodesigns-Eco Tower

    Solar Energy Company Kerala

    Puravankara Builders

    PURAVANKARA under the leadership of Mr.RAVI PURAVANKARA is one of the largest builder in INDIA. With construction spread over Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu .

    On the mission of Green building and LEED Certifications they chose ILLUMINE as their strategic partners for Solar Power Solutions. 31 kWpSolar OFF Grid project was commissioned in 2013. This is second largest successful Off-Grid project built in Kerala, making us the longest tenured private


    MD, Puravankara Builders

    Solar Panel Installation Services in Ernakulam

    ABAD Fisheries

    Abad Fisheries is one of the largest processors of quality quick frozen seafood in India with 11 accredited and certified factories PAN India.

    ILLUMINE carried out an energy audit at site and implemented energy efficient measures, designed and implemented a 100kWp Solar Grid Tie Project. The project is capable of supporting Deep freezers and covers 95% of there load requirements.

    Mr. Anwar Hashim

    MD, ABAD Fisheries