Off-Grid Solar System in Kerala

Off-Grid Solar System in kochi

In off grid solar system, power generated from solar panels gets stored in the batteries during day time. This stored energy is used during night to power electrical load. Here when solar energy is generated during day time, at first it gets stored in batteries. When battery capacity reaches above float voltage (above 80%), solar power is used to power electrical equipment’s connected to the inverter. We can power Lights, Fan, TV or Air-Conditioners depending on the inverter and solar project capacity. During bright sunny hours 11 AM – 2PM, off grid batteries charges at the same time it delivers power to load. Evening time battery starts discharging, powering load at non sunny hours. When the battery reaches a set threshold/ cut off/ DOD (Depth of Discharge), it automatically changeovers to KSEB/EB power. Thereby assuring a decent backup to meet any power failure conditions during night.

Solar OFF Grid is suitable for customers

  • Area experiencing not stable GRID Power
  • Need power backup to AC and Heavy power loads
  • Stable power is more important than electricity bill savings
  • Reinvesting in battery after 5 years is not a concern

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