How Long Do Solar Batteries Last?

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Solar Batteries used in both OFF Grid and Hybrid Solar installations are of C10 category. C10 batteries are meant for fast discharge. In solar application for maximum & effective utilization of installation we need to discharge the batteries regularly within short time and charge it with in short time, unlike normal C 20 batteries.

Here each C10 batteries comes with a specific charge discharge cycle, usually 1500 etc. Which means this battery can be charged and discharged for 1500 times, before it is of no use. Managing a proper charge and discharge in solar installation is very important. Normal Charging Current, Float Voltage charging, Equalization Charging etc has to maintained depending on the type of installation.

Keeping DOD – depth of discharge at a particular level of 40% will also help batteries for longer run. Under these scenario a normal solar C10 battery will last for 4-7 Years, if properly maintained. Most of the manufactures offer 100% replacement guarantee for any C10 Solar battery complaints within 5 years of installation.

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