Off-Grid Solar System in kochi

Lockdown is a crazy experience of our time, where people are locked in their homes. Fear of the deadly COVID-19 virus has prompted people to stay indoors. As family members moved schools and offices to their homes, the use of lights, fans, AC, Internet, laptops, TVs, and washing machines increased, leading to higher electricity bills.

Electricity Rate in Kerala
Learn how to calculate your home electricity bill when the new electricity tariff comes into effect Units Slabs Rate (in Rs.)
0 - 50 units ₹ 3.15
51 - 100 units ₹ 3.70
101 - 150 units ₹ 4.80
151 - 200 units ₹ 6.40
201 - 250 units ₹ 7.60
251 - 300 units ₹ 5.80 (For Entire Unit)
301 - 350 units ₹ 6.60 (For Entire Unit)
351 - 400 units ₹ 6.90 (For Entire Unit)
401 - 500 units ₹ 7.10 (For Entire Unit)
Above 500 units ₹ 7.90 (For Entire Unit)
If your usage is 200 units you have to pay 200 X 6.10 = 1220 / - If this is 201 then 201 X 7.30 = 1467.3 / -, difference 247.3 / -
By adjusting the use of equipment that requires more power, the other way around is to reduce one unit per day to 140 x 4.50 = 630.

Use of energy efficient home appliances
Every home has basic appliances such as fans, lights, TV, cooler, refrigerator and washing machine. When you buy a new gadget you should always remember to choose appliances that consume very little power.

Use of Solar Energy
Solar energy is a freely available energy source. In tropical climates, it is available year-round without any interruption. Investing in solar power panels is a one-time investment that will give you the full benefit. When installing a solar panel at home, you can forget about load shedding, rising electricity bills and power outages in windy weather.
In addition, the solar system will reduce or completely eliminate the electricity bill. The money saved can be used for other useful purposes. Once you have a solar power system installed in your home, you can use electrical appliances without much difficulty consuming electricity. It will serve you for more than a decade or two.

Optimize Power Consumption
You can optimize your energy consumption in your home. Technology is growing and many new products are coming in the market. You can use automatic home appliances, such as Sensor LED Bulb, Automatic Press, Water Tank Filling Alarm, Automic Ceiling fans, etc.
When people pay their electricity bills, internet bills, gas bills, TV recharge bills, rental bills, etc., they often think, can we save this amount? People who pay high rent have the opportunity to buy a home. Similarly, people with high electricity bills can switch to solar. They have the opportunity to save a lot of time on electricity bills and install a solar power system.. With this technique, you can save 50% -80% of your electricity bill every month.