Off-Grid Solar System in kochi

If you are a builder or homeowner, are you thinking about installing solar panels for your new construction home? Want to save money while having a positive impact on the environment? Well, you are in right place!

Homes with solar photovoltaic panels (PV) will attract some new home buyers due to their low electricity bill and low environmental impact. The decision of the owners to go ahead with such a large investment raises a question about the return on investment. Installing a solar system can bring huge profits on electricity bills and earn ROI of 4-5 years. Minor investments now often pay great dividends in the future. Benefits of installing a home solar system

1. Less Impact To The Environment
Using solar panel to power your home is definitely better for the environment than other energy sources. Installing a solar panel in a home is the first step to helping the environment and at the same time saving money. The use of solar panel contributes to a cleaner environment. Most people understand how important it is to reduce the amount of air pollution. By installing a home solar system, you will take advantage of an eco-friendly way to make your home more energy efficient.

2. Save On Utility Bills
One of the main reasons many homeowners choose home solar systems is to help them save on monthly utility bills. When you install a home solar system, you can significantly reduce your energy consumption costs. This is very easy to do. The upfront cost of installing a home solar system can be daunting at first for some homeowners, but you can't deny the long-term savings you can enjoy from your initial investment. Installing a home solar system will eliminate your monthly electricity bill so you can use the money for your other essential expenses.

When a house is built, the value of the land increases. On the other hand, the value of the home is declining. In this case the addition of solar panels is the best way to increase the value of the house. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, every 50 Rupees extra energy savings from solar panels adds 1000 Rs to the value of your home

Home solar systems also offer the opportunity to earn some money from the electricity they generate. This is where net metering comes in. Net metering is an electricity billing system that allows customers to receive credits from the extra electricity generated or added to the grid by their home solar system. Homeowners who have installed a solar system in their home will be compensated by sending the excess electricity back to the power grid.