Off-Grid Solar System in kochi

When discussing solar energy, we think about the pricing of the solar system and the subsidy scheme for solar panels. The Government of India has launched a power saving scheme called Solar Roof Top Power Plant to save wealth for future generations. We all know the obvious reason for not using solar energy in the residential / commercial sector and its value. Therefore, realizing this problem, the Central Government launched the MNRE Solar Subsidy Scheme.

MNRE solar subsidy scheme

  • 40 % up to 3 KW
  • Plus 20% for Remaining above 3 KW up to 10 kW for the Domestic sector.
  • More the 10KW – No any subsidy
Besides, 70% subsidy in hill stations states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Jammu & Kashmir, and 90% subsidy available for farmers on water pumping systems..

What are the documents required to apply for Solar Subsidy?

Soft copy of Identity Proof to be uploaded Online on DISCOM/ Bureau of Energy Efficiency Website.

  • Photo
  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Electricity Bill

Solar panel subsidy scheme in India 2021-2022

As the number of solar panel installations in India is increasing, here are some essential points and some details about the subsidy scheme in different states.

1. Solar Panel Subsidy in Uttar Pradesh, 2021

Uttar Pradesh is one of the leading states in installing solar panels to protect our non-renewable resources. The state government has announced a subsidy of Rs 15,000 per kilowatt per for residential installations. Here are some details about the subsidy in the state.

  • State subsidy amount- Rs. 15,000-20,000 Up to 10kW
  • Rooftop solar system size- Up to 10 kW

2. Solar Panel Subsidy in Kerala, 2021

Kerala Government & KSEB runs solar subsidy in the name SAURA Project. Kerala aims to turn homes into power stations by installing solar panels in every possible home. So, before installation, here are some details provided by the state government.

  • State subsidy amount- 40% for first 3 KWp & 20% for Remaining above 3 KW up to 10 kW
  • Rooftop solar system size- Up to 10 kW

3. Solar Panel Subsidy in Maharashtra, 2021

In Maharashtra, the solar subsidy is done by MEDA, which helps people to easily install solar panels by financially assisting above the subsidy. Here is some information related to the installation.

  • State subsidy amount - 30% of the standard cost
  • Rooftop solar system size - Up to 10 kW

You can apply by visiting the online site of MEDA for solar panel installation.

4. Solar Panel Subsidy in Haryana, 2021

Through numerous solar panel installations, Haryana is making a significant contribution to making the earth a better place for our future generations. Below is the required information related to this.

  • State Subsidy amount- 30% of the standard cost
  • Rooftop solar system size- Up to 10 kW

You can apply by visiting the online site of HAREDA and submit the application for the solar panel installation.

5. Solar Panel Subsidy in Bihar, 2021

The Government of Bihar is joining this green initiative and providing the necessary subsidy for the installation of solar panels in the state. Here are some things you need to know before installing a solar panel.

  • State Subsidy amount- 25% subsidy over the installation cost
  • Rooftop solar system size- minimum 1kW

BREDA manages the solar panel subsidy in Bihar. You can apply online for prompt installation by visiting their site.